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Kralen Groothandel Glaser | Online sieraden winkel


Does Glaser deliver to individuals?

No, Glaser delivers to starters, businesses, and artists.


Does Glaser have a printed catalog?

No, because of the great diversity of the collection we do not have a catalog. However, you are always welcome to visit our showroom in Amsterdam.


Are all metals nickel free?

Yes, all metal beads and components are nickel free.


Does Glaser require a minimum sum to order?

Yes, Glaser employs a minimum order amount of 50 euros.


What is the purchase requirement?

You need to be in possession of:
            1. Proof of registration in a trade register.
            2. A valid VAT-number


Is it possible to order online?



How can I order with Glaser?

Through phone, e-mail, fax, and website. On the contact page, you can find all the details. 


How long is the delivery time?

In the Netherlands we deliver within a week, International shipment takes 9 working days. This dependent on availability and when the order is placed.


How does Glaser deliver?

Packages are sent through mail, UPS, Parcel or PostNL. This depends on the size of the packaging.

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