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Order and payment

Purchasing an order:

How can I place an order for my company to Glaser?  

When an order is made with a B2B(Business to Business) transaction from our store to yours, you would need your VAT number and your registration from the Trade Register, having that in order you can purchase at our store without paying for any taxes.  

How can I place an order at Glaser being an Artist?

Being an artist and don’t have your own company, You can place an order at our store with just your valid VAT number without paying the taxes.

How can I place an order at Glaser without being registered at the Trade registration?

Being new in the business and just starting up with your company, you can still place an order at or company but you would need to pay a percentage of tax depending on your purchase.

Special orders:

At Glaser, you can also make a customized order with a paid upfront payment. Ones your special order has been made it cannot be canceled. The period of time for an order is depending on the manufactures. The moment we receive your order you can either pick it up at our showroom or have it delivered to your given address.

Payment method:

 + 5%transaction costs


Help needed ?

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